Day 2

Friday, February 23 | 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Create teams and create change. Use Baton Rouge’s Official Open Data Portal to develop solutions that improve the way our city works.

Open Data BR is an initiative that provides access to data and information to build solutions with a focus on creating a more efficient, effective and responsive City-Parish government while developing Baton Rouge into a hub for digital growth and technological innovation. Open Data BR is maintained by the Department of Information Services, which is collaborating closely with the mayor’s office. The participants are required to use Baton Rouge's Open Data Portal to complete their challenge. Your application could be added to their site as a resource for your local community.


  1. Find your crew, 4 to 6 people. Looking for a crew to join? Mention us on twitter @activ8conf or comment on the Facebook event. We can try to help you find one.
  2. Pick a name for your crew, but keep it public friendly! No poo emoji in the name, okay?
  3. Register! We will accept walk-ons, but space will crowded as the Hack-a-thon approaches.
  4. Plan your team and roles ahead of time.
  5. Check out Baton Rouge's Open Data Portal at
  6. Figure out what your crew can build for the city. For example: a traffic monitoring app, or a road construction tracker, or even a way to see road closures around seasonal events! You decide, we know you're chomping at the bits.
  7. Your code will be placed into public domain, open source.
  8. Start! It's good to start now, and you can wrap up on the Hack-a-thon day! Wrapping up on Hack-a-thon day means you see what everyone is up to and build community.
  9. Choose your own platform, dev environment, IDEs, etc. Whatever works best for you! You will bring your own computers, software, etc.
  10. Make sure your Github repo is public.
  11. Each group will designate a Team Representative that will receive communications regarding the event and instructions.
  12. Each team must complete submit their submission by the end of the Hack-a-thon for judging.
  13. Winners are announced at the end of Activate Conference on Saturday, February 24th.
  14. There will be a prize for the winning team.
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Hackathon Day Schedule

9:00 AM Doors open, Breakfast
9:30 AM Announcements, Each team must give the judges the URL to the Github repo
10:00 AM Hackathon Activated!
1:00 PM Lunch
7:00 PM Hackathon Deactivated! Present projects to judges, Judges will begin judging projects
Saturday, February 24 - 4:15 PM Activate Conference - Announce winners, Prizes Awarded

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